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We are looking for valuable and high-quality information that supports project managers and the wider clinical research community. 

Please review the following details regarding article submissions:

  1. Content: The article submitted for publication must be original and authored by the submitting writer. It should not have been published previously elsewhere and must be relevant to the theme of our website. Additionally, the content of the article must be informative, educational, or entertaining, providing value to our readers.
  2. Topics to Consider: The CRPM is dedicated to educating our CRPM community on clinical research, project management, career development, tools and templates, networking, wellness (both mental and physical health), and travel tips. We ask that articles fit into these broad themes to maintain the mission of the CRPMA.
  3. Length: We require that articles submitted for publication be at least 1500 words in length. This is to ensure that the content is comprehensive and provides enough information to be useful to our readers.
  4. Formatting: To improve the readability of the article, it should be well-formatted with clear headings, subheadings, and paragraphs. This will also make it easier for our editorial team to review and make any necessary edits.
  5. Images: If any images are included in the article, they must be either original or licensed for reuse with proper attribution. If the author does not provide any images, our editorial team will select an appropriate one to accompany the article. Including images can enhance the article and make it more visually appealing to readers.
  6. Links: The author may include up to three relevant and value-adding links within the body of the article. These links should provide additional information and resources for readers and must be appropriate and relevant to the content of the article.
  7. Editing: Our editorial team reserves the right to edit and modify the article for proper grammar, spelling, and style. This ensures that the article is of high quality and meets our editorial standards.
  8. Copyright: Authors must permit us to publish the article on our website and social media platforms. They must also confirm that the article does not infringe on any copyright laws. This is to protect both the author and our publication from any potential legal issues.
  9. Attribution: Author attribution will be provided in the form of their name and a brief bio after the article. They may also include a link to their personal website or social media profiles. This provides recognition to the author and allows readers to learn more about them.
  10. Approval: Our editorial team will review submissions and respond within two weeks. We reserve the right to decline any submission that does not meet our guidelines or editorial standards.
  11. References: If references are included in the article, they should be presented in a consistent format and provided as endnotes. This allows readers to easily access any sources cited in the article.
  12. Approval to Publish: Upon approval of the submission, we will notify the author of the publishing date and offer promotional materials for use in publicizing their contribution on social media. This provides an opportunity for the author to promote their work and increase its exposure.

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