CRPM Training Request

Optimize your team’s performance and maximize project outcomes with Clinical Research Project Management (CRPM) Association’s training services.

Our targeted programs are designed to refine essential project management skills, enabling your team to enhance efficiency, ensure projects are delivered on time, and manage budgets effectively.

Select the training program(s) that aligns with your strategic goals, and let’s boost your team’s ability to navigate and excel in the dynamic world of project management. Each course is designed to address specific needs within your team, enhancing skills, efficiency, and project success:

  • Project Management 101: This course lays the groundwork with fundamental project management principles. It is ideal for all clinical research professionals because it covers the basics of project planning, execution, monitoring, and project closure.
  • PMP Prep Course: This course is tailored for professionals aiming for the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. Its comprehensive preparation covers all exam areas, equipping participants with the knowledge and confidence to succeed, while providing the mandatory 35 hours of formal education to be able to apply for the test and sit for the exam.
  • PMP Boot Camp: An intensive 5-day training program designed to prepare for the PMP exam. It offers deep dives into complex topics, exam strategies, and practice questions to bolster understanding and exam readiness.
  • CRPM Boot Camp: This boot camp, exclusively for clinical research project managers, focuses on industry-specific challenges and strategies. It’s perfect for those looking to sharpen their clinical research project management skills.
  • Agile/Scrum Training: This course explains why Agile/Scrum is pivotal in today’s project management landscape. It delves into Agile methodologies, emphasizing flexibility, continuous improvement, and team collaboration for faster delivery of higher-quality products.